FDA Registration

FDA Registration
Provide services for FDA registration by FDA Specialist.
Provide services for preliminary data screening before filing the application forms in order to reduce problems due to rejection of FDA registration, with the following information for the application.

        1) Brand name (trade name)
        2) Product name (merchandise name)
        3) Photos of packaging clearly stating brand names and product names (PDF File)
        4) Detailed formula, properties, or special extracts of interest to be manufactured by the Company

Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)
Provide services for filing the application with the Federation of Thai Industries for the Certificates of Free Sale, as the services are provided for the members of the Federation of Thai Industries only.

Certificate of Origin
Can be classified into 2 categories as:
1. Certificate of Origin for the products entitled to preferential tariff  is the letter issued to the exporters to endorse that the merchandise specified in the certificate is manufactured as required by the laws about product origin and as of the conditions under privilege system of the issuing country, as the exporter is entitled to exemption or reduction of import duties of the issuing countries, e.g., Form A, Form D, Form GSTP, Form FTA etc.
2. Certificate of Origin for the products not entitled to preferential tariff is the letter issued to the exporters to endorse that the merchandise specified in the certificates has been originated from the country of the issuer, and the certificate can be used as importing documents according to the import regulations of the destination country or the terms of the importer only.

Distributor Registration
If you want to register as a distributor, the following documents are required:
        1. Copy of Company Certificate
        2. Copy of House Registration used for Company Registration
        3. Copy of Citizen ID card and House Registration of authorized personnel with biding signature for the Company
        4. Original of the power of attorney with the Company seal (if any)
        5. Map to the Company

Prohibited Substance Inspection
Inspection for prohibited substances in cosmetics and skincare products with laboratory techniques such as TLC, HPLC, Titration to ensure product safety, which can be divided into two major groups that are:
        1. Identity Analysis Technique
        2. Volume Analysis Technique

Logo and Trademark Registration
Trademark registration process is divided into two parts:
1. Examination on the trademark applying for registration whether it looks like as or similar to trademarks of the others or not
2. Trademark Registration
        Processing Periods
        1. Examination result shall be known within 1 day.
        2. Application for registration shall take about 2 days from the date of document submission.
        3. After filing the application for the trademark registration, wait for the approval for the certificate of registration for about 12 months (according to current regulations)

        Documents to be provided in case of individuals
        1. 12 copies of the trademark with the size of 5 x 5 cm
        2. 1 copy of the Citizen ID card of the trademark owner
        Documents to be provided in case of juristic persons, companies, or partnership
        1. 12 copies of the trademark with the size of 5 x 5 cm
        2. Certificate of company or partnership registration issued for no longer than 6 months (original)
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