What to do when the nails fragile

Many women have encountered challenges of torn nails. They are broken regularly, aren’t they? Even if you take care of your nails regularly, sometimes cutting them short seems to be the only way to help you solve such frustrating problem. If you do not want to leave it unsolved until you have to cut short nails, then you’d better follow these necessary steps of basic nail care.

The first and the most important thing is that women should not be cut nails overly short because it will make nails fragile, weak, and easily torn. For the best solution, it is to use a nail file instead. Filing nails twice a week and use a paper nail file will be better than metal nail file nail because the metal ones are too hard for use the steel with your extremely delicate nails.
When filing your nails, they should be filed in the same direction to prevent tearing the nails.

Use hand-nourishing cream for olive oil to massage your nails in the evening, just like on your skin and hair. Because our nails are composed of keratin, which is a kind of proteins, and lack of some nutrients may obviously affect the health of your nails.
Avoid using nail polish remover with acetone strictly, because this chemical has too harsh properties for nails. It also makes your beautiful nails, which you have tried to care for, be rid of beauty within the blink of an eye!
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