Is Skin Care Fastest Result the Best? Think again!


When we use the product we always expected fast result but is it really good for you ? Nowadays, there are many people got skin damaged from under standard skin care and most of those skin care shown fast result at the very beginning. So we should carefully consider before purchase the product in the market that you have heard from WOM.

Fast result product can cause by many factors- I will put up the example case from whitening product.

1. Prohibit ingredient –The most common are Mercury and Steriod. These ingredients can provide fast results but after you stop using it could harm your skin. These ingredient are now classified as prohibited ingredient as according to Thailand Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act 2558

2. Coating properties- Some of whitening products can provide Whitening effects after applied such as sun protector agents. The ingredient itself provides whitening effect right after applied as coating agents

3. Harmful peeling or bleaching agents –Some cosmetic products that do show fast results upon application most likely contains peeling and bleaching agents that is deemed harmful to skin and to the user’s health. Seeing a cosmetic product that shows fast results can be really tempting to purchase and use. However, fast results can often lead to fast and unexpected problems. Being knowledgeable and patient in understanding how cosmetic products work does pay off the price. At the end of the day, prevention is still better than cure.

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