How to Choose Reliable Manufacturer?

In this 21st century of technological advancements where everything is made accessible by just a single click, almost everyone would look up everything on the internet. From internet users ranging from individuals using the world wide net for personal social networking sites to business companies looking for potential business partners, how an internet user know if everything he see on the internet is reliable and trustable? How would a business know if someone is reliable and can be trustable prospective partner?

There will be chances whether you find a real and potential partner where you can trust your investments or it is just a new manufacturer without experience; or one lacking international standard certification; or a company with good working website and SEO but quality is questionable; or worse, a bogus manufacturer who doesn’t even exist.
So how can companies successfully look for reliable perpetual manufacturers on the internet? With its years of outstanding experience, here are Quality Plus’ suggestions:

1. Do the most basic. Have time to check if the company does really exist (e.g. company headquarters, company address, website, social media, etc.)

2. Check if the company does have Local and International standard such as Certificate of Manufacture issued by Thailand Food and Drug Administration (Thailand standard); and ISO9001, ISO22716 and Halal Certificate for International Standard.

3. Check if it is certified that the manufacturer produces without prohibited ingredients in accordance to international standard.

4. Business could provide consultation service regarding skin care knowledge and nature of skin care business or whatever business offering it has. Better to check for this service first so you won’t have any obligation to purchase and enter an agreement without being educated or informed. It won’t take that much time for a company to separate the wheat from the chaff on the internet. Though if it will take some time, it helps to be educated and informed first before risking its business to the powerful bond of a signed contract with a business that would hold back your company’s success.

* Click that website, dial those given numbers, visit their office -  it won’t take rocket science to find the right one you are looking for.
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