About us


   Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd., Thailand is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics with a professional branding service.We offer OEM brand development of various types of cosmetics, developed according to ISO 9001 and ISO22716 (GMP for cosmetics) and manufactured in the Kingdom of Thailand – land of exotic flora and fauna. Our products conform under the Standard Quality Control.

   We offer the opportunity to develop and purchase best quality cosmetic with professional marketing support and branding service to promote and implement your personal range.
   Since 2009 our company collects best experience in sourcing and creating best formulations for our clients.
Today we have gained strong cooperation with some of the leading cosmetic manufacturers and institutions around Asia such as:
·         I.T.O LABORATORY CO., LTD. Japan;
·         FUJI - SANGYO CO., LTD., Japan;
·         Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Thailand;
·         Leading government agencies in Thailand etc.

   Our experience would be strong base of your cosmetics business which would help to maximise your profits.
Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co. Ltd., has achieved a fast and robust growth rate - over 200% in the year of 2012 – 2013. However, success of the company is not measured only by the numbers; there must be social aspect as well. That’s why we would move forward in manufacturing innovative skin care products.  Let’s do our Beauty Business together.


We provide one stop service to our customers from first stage of business idea to delivery of final product.
All our production produced under the strict compliance of international quality standards: ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics).
Proof of customer satisfaction can be viewed by the rate of purchases and repeated orders growth up to 90%.

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